What is your suggestion?

Look for these features in the future:

No Indent for All-day Events

Allow all-day events to start at the left margin instead of indenting them to line up with events that have a time in front of them.

Support non-English characters

Some characters from languages other than English do not display correctly.  Add support for them.

Update: A large number of languages are now supported by the website and the newly added “DejaVu” family of fonts.

More font options

Create more font options, perhaps some that are on the local machine.

Update: The “DejaVu” family of fonts have been added.

Add the location

Provide an option to include location information on the calendar.

Add a daily view

Perhaps a one day per page with times marked out or an Agenda view where the events of the day are listed in order.

Add a weekly view

Printing all the events for a single week instead of a whole month would be nice.