New Fonts AddedApril 5, 2015

For PDF files, new fonts have also been added.  The DejaVu family of fonts are free fonts that have been widely used in a variety of open source projects and contain character sets to support many languages.  More information about the font and available languages can be found on this wikipedia page.  (Eventually these will be available in RTF files as well, but for now RTF files are set to use Arial and Arial Narrow by default which you can change in your word processor.)

Multi-language SupportApril 4, 2015

You can now use many different languages on your calendar.  Better support of UTF-8 has been implemented on the site (UTF-8 is a way to handle multiple languages). This means that you can enter information into the site in any language, and, as long as the font supports the characters you would like to use, those characters will display correctly in your calendar.

Start on a Different Day of the WeekMarch 16, 2015

You now have the option of starting the calendar on a different day of the week.  This allows you to start on Monday so that the weekend days are together – a format that is standard in some parts of the world.

RTF files support multiple pagesMarch 10, 2015

When you choose to create your calendar for more than one month on Step 4, they will be added to the RTF file as well as the PDF.

RTF File SupportFebruary 28, 2015

A Rich Text Format (RTF) version of your calendar is now available on Step 4 in addition to the PDF version.  The RTF format allows you to open the calendar in your word processor and make changes before you print.