New options for displaying events

PrintMyCal has some new options for event times and descriptions, such as showing the event end time, time formatting, and second line indents.  The new options are available on Step 3 of PrintMyCal, just below the tabs.  It looks like this.

Three Sections

  • Options – Three columns of options. Each option is described in more detail below.
  • Preview – The preview shows how the options will change the way the calendar looks.  It changes automatically as you select different options.
  • Buttons – The buttons allow you to save your changes or undo them.  There is also an indicator to let you know if there are any unsaved changes.

The Options

  1. Choose how to indicate morning or afternoon
    • Use am/pm
    • Use a/p instead to save a little space
    • Use the 24-hour format
  2. Change the indent for all the lines after the first.
    • You can have no indent, which will save space
    • Choose the number of spaces to indent
    • Make the all the lines even with the beginning of the text in the first line.
  3. Try some other options
    • Align all events – This will make the beginning of the first line of text for every event start in the same place.  If you choose this with the last option for indenting other lines, then all the text for all events will line up.  In the past, this was the way events were displayed.
    • Include end time – There have been several requests to have an option for showing the end time of events. Here it is.
    • Remove spaces – Remove the spaces in the begin/end time.
    • Remove “:00” – If the begin or end time is on the hour, remove the “:00” at the end to save space.  For example, this will print “9 am” instead of “9:00 am”.